Award-Winning Golf Course Architect Raymond Hearn Launches Blog

HOLLAND, Mich. – Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs has added Ray’s Blog as a new website feature to connect with existing and potential clients, students, design enthusiasts and others in the golf industry.

“I felt it was time to share my professional insight,” he said. “With my educational background in Turfgrass Science, Soil Science, Landscape Architecture and Golf Course Architecture, I feel I can provide a unique perspective in the field of golf course design.”

Hearn, who in addition to leading his award-winning design team also teaches an online golf course design seminar with an international audience, said several seminar students and other associates in the industry urged him to share his perspective through a blog.

“I think golf course architects can share a unique perspective, especially the ones that have spent years studying classical courses throughout the USA, British Isles and around the world like I have,” he said. “Many of my clients also asked that I do this. I want to share interesting case studies, success stories, facts, data and opinions I have gathered in my 33-year career. Overall it will be a lot of fun and I believe my viewers will receive benefits and insight from the perspective I present.”

Hearn has designed and redesigned golf courses all over the USA and throughout the world for over thirty years. In addition, he has authored over 30 published articles.

The latest blog and archived blogs can be found at via the Ray’s Blog tab.

He started earlier this year with blogs about the following subjects; his company’s work in 2018, being humbled by awards, an explanation on why he is known as “Renovation Ray,” why golf courses should plan for inevitable change, and the 20th year of his online design seminar. His most recent blog discusses the impact of bunker renovation and restoration.

“This gives me an outlet to explain things, answer the kind of questions I get often and to share my philosophy on golf course design,” he said. “I think it can be a benefit to many people in the industry, and it will help the people at clubs and on committees as they seek out help with their golf courses.”

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"Raymond Hearn is part artist and part engineer."

Michael Konick

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