Golf Course Seminars

We are celebrating our 15-year anniversary of our nationally acclaimed golf course design seminar.

Raymond Hearn, our president and founder, teaches the seminar which is available through the internet.  The seminar is comprised of 12 chapters during a 12-month time span. The seminar is tailored toward golf course superintendents, golf professionals, general managers, committee members, shapers, civil engineers and landscape architects. Each chapter contains lecture material from Ray Hearn, assigned reading and a chapter assignment with helpful information on design principles that impact course remodeling, restoration and course expansions. Each chapter requires about two to three hours of your time each month.  The seminar concludes with a very popular national 18-hole design contest. Our past participants rave about our seminar and thus our 98% satisfaction rating.

"Raymond Hearn is part artist and part engineer."

Michael Konick

Golf Writer, Delta Airlines Magazine


119 West 37th St.
Holland, MI 49422 USA