Change is a tough topic for some people. Whether the change involves a person, place or thing, many people just don’t like change.

Changes to your club’s golf course fit this universal principle, and change on golf courses comes from different areas:

• The game itself has changes dramatically over the course of time and continues to change.
• Golf ball and club technology continually change.
• The course (a living entity) continually grow and move.
• Weather patterns seem to be changing.
• As golfers age, their swing changes.
• Maintenance practices and equipment change.
• Original grass types change and become infested with other grass types.
• Member (private) and golf patron (public) spending patterns change.
• The list goes on and on.

Most clubs tackle change in two ways – planned change or random change. At ALL clubs change happens and is inevitable. Hiring a veteran golf course architect to help your club plan these changes is critical. Once the Master Plan is completed, club finances dictate how to plan for and phase future changes.

On this website Home Page, I suggest clicking on the tab at the top of page “What People Say,” and then click on the list for Published Articles on this very subject. You can also sign up for new future articles coming soon. In these articles, I discuss real case studies of how clubs saved money with a Master Plan in place. I also discuss how other clubs wasted money on random projects that ended up being redone.

In summary, changes to your golf course will happen whether you like it or not. Some changes you can control, and others you cannot. Those that you can control are best done when they are planned!

Hiring a golf course architect to create a long-range Master Plan for your course will act as your club’s valuable road map into the future. Feel free to contact me for a some recently completed Remodel/Restoration Master Plans. Each Master Plan is unique and is filled with valuable information and strategies for different clubs in different areas of our great country.

Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs can help your course or club manage change. As an example of great change, go to this link regarding the renaissance of the Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville, Ill. – Mistwood Golf Club .

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