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“I never want anyone to look at a golf course and say ‘There’s a Ray Hearn designed course.’ My goal is that each golf course maintain its own identity and remain true to the characteristics of the land it is built upon and the tenants important to its owner.”  Raymond Hearn

Juan Heras

Allied Professional

Juan Heras

Juan Heras is an allied professional assisting Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs, Inc. with business development and communications for new golf developments and course remodeling in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. His knowledge and understanding of this region of the world is a tremendous asset to the team. We value our relationship with Mr. Heras and his outstanding company.

Juan has more than 20 years of experience in urban planning, architecture, general municipal planning, zoning, renovation projects, residential tourism projects, and more.

Juan’s current residential tourism projects around the world include Morocco (13 million sq meters site), Bogota (3 million sq meters site) San Salvador (2.5 million sq meters site) and Argentina (22 million sq meters site).

As a trusted and proven allied partner, we value this synergistic relationship.

"Raymond Hearn is part artist and part engineer."

Michael Konick

Golf Writer, Delta Airlines Magazine


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